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MORE information on where to find funding opportunities for your project/ practise or idea coming soon... 

We are in the process of updating this page.  We are working in partnership with artist Trina Dalziel who supported by Creative UK is creating space to research a better way for visual artists to learn about funding opportunities.  You can read about Trina's project here.

The Culture Northumberland Project

Culture Northumberland is a sector led project.  We don't hold pots of money to fund projects or individuals but we do work in partnership with funders.  Please read our monthly blogs on funding opportunities for your projects, organisations and practise and  stay in touch with us on social media.   We are kindly supported by Northumberland County Council, North East Cultural Freelancers and are building a community of supporters over on Substack.  Please head to our home page to read more.     

Monthly Funding Blogs 

You can read more about monthly funding opportunities in this curated blog series.  Some opportunities are ever green and some are time sensitive.  Please follow the links to sign up for individual funding updates directly with funders straight to your inbox so you don't miss anything;

Guest Blog Posts 

We regularly post about money, funding, sponsorship and fundraising tips. Here are some links to articles;

Funding and Sponsorship Masterclass

Our co-ordinator Claire Venus hosted a funding and sponsorship masterclass and workshop online in 2023.  You can access it here.  If you can't afford to pay for it please email us and we will grant you access. 

If you have funding or sponsorship information that would be useful to share with the sector, please email 

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