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Funding Opportunities for the Cultural Sector in March

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

This blog follows the previous blog I shared last month; Funding Opportunities for the Cultural Sector in February.

I'm not going to repeat the open calls with no deadlines here in this blog so please do read this as a continuation of the last blog...

Arts Council England is a brilliant starting point if you're new to the world of arts/ cultural sector funding. The opportunities listed here are mainly for arts development projects or could be tailored to that type of activity.

If you'd like to work from word documents of the application forms rather than the online portal (Grantium) for Arts Council applications, a freelancer has made those and you can find them here to download for free.

Here are the new calls and other trusts and foundations I stumbled across on my online travels this month;

For organisations;

"Heritage can be anything from the past that you value and want to pass on to future generations. We provide funding for heritage projects from £3,000 up to millions of pounds. Take a look at our various funding programmes and decide which one might be right for you."

For individuals

There are noticably less opporutnities for us sole traders. Why not considering partnering with a CIC or Charity.

  • A reminder Arts Council's DYCP opens again on 28 March 2023. There are some success stories in our region - please shout out on North East Cultural Freelancers facebook group to find folks to support/ read/ help you with your application. It's ACE's most competative programme and only a small percentage of applications can be funded so yours needs to be as strong as it can be.

  • Starving Artists studio invites you to join as a member for 'art opportunities'. It's around £30 a year but gives you UK and international based opportunities -

  • There is a funded consultancy opportunity with November Club as part of their Grow programme. More details here.

  • Biscuit Factory are offering a £1000 grant to artists in the North East. More here.

  • And for writers - New Writing North Northern Writers awards (various closing dates from March onwards)

If you are a sole trader or a small organisation, have you considered funding your work in other ways? There is a wealth of opportunity in diversifying your income in more hybrid ways away from public funding, trusts and foundations.

Here is quick fire list of ideas;

  • Collaborating with NPOs, other arts organisations, venues or places?

  • Crowd Funding

  • Patreon or other membership models like Kofi or Substack

  • Fundraising days

  • Sponsorship from corporate businesses

If you'd like support in writing your pitch letter or to be put in touch with other artists who have sucessfully used these means to raise funds for their work, please contact me;

Other places to find opportunities;

Mailing lists to sign up to for collaborations and updates on projects this year.

It really pays to stay connected to our county and wider region's NPOs and you can also connect with other 'broker' organisations to grow your opportunities too. Are you signed to these North East based organisations for updates?

If you're interested in skills development and training you can check out Culture Northumberland's networks and training page. There are lots of opportunities for free skills development sessions, training and networking here in Northumberland including our monthly co-working opportunities in Alnwick, Berwick and Hexham.

You might also enjoy this blog post I wrote sharing my enthusiasm for working with a marketing coach last year fully funded through Rural Business Growth Service.

If you haven't already could you contribute something towards our studio space research here in Northumberland?

If anything is unclear, please do drop me a note

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