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Case Study - marketing mentoring through Rural Business Growth Service

Earlier in the year I spoke with a co-ordinator from Rural Business Growth Service.

After a couple of information gathering sessions I was put in touch with a marketing mentor to help me clarify my business messages online.

I worked with Sarah Alcock from Simonside Marketing in person and online for 9 hours over the course of a few months.

Sarah is a skilled marketing consultant and I felt like I'd struck gold in meeting her. Her 'no nonsense' approach was exactly what I needed.

After an initial website audit it became clear that my website and online presence was in the middle of an identity crisis and so Sarah worked with me to try and fix and clarify the messages. She also helped me re-write my 'about' section so it spoke to both my cultural clients and individual mentoring clients.

Art work by Morpeth artist Daniel Weatheritt showing a snapshot of opportunities and challenges faced by cultural freelancers

I worked hard behind the scenes on my 'proposition' (what I do and offer) and gathered information from current and past clients.

I then sketched out a new website in a google doc and ran it past Sarah for input.

Having Sarah's support has been so valuable to me and she has highlighted many blind spots I wouldn't have noticed or been able to rectify myself.

If you are interested in how Rural Business Growth can help you and your company of one with the support you need this year, you can get in touch with them directly.

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