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Funding Opportunities for the Cultural Sector in February

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Culture Northumberland Monthly Funding Opportunity Thread

We have committed to putting together this funding opportunity thread once per month.

All information is curated by us and correct to the best of our knowledge but please do check detail with individual organisations/ funders.

This thread was inspired by Northumberland based artist/ illustrator Trina Dalziel's peer network group who explored barriers to funding our sector. This work was funded by Creative UK’s (via North of the Tyne combined authority) challenge fund and you can read more about it here.

We know from our research there’s a need to raise awareness of funding opportunities and access for artists and creatives in Northumberland and appreciate your ongoing support to increase opportunities and sustain work for us all.

If you spot any funding call outs on your online travels, please tag us (on facebook or twitter) and we’ll share more widely and add to our thread here next month.

Lastly, please consider interacting with this thread and telling us where you are looking for funding, where you’ve been successful and call outs if you’d like to reach new partners to work with too.


Funding opportunities this February and beyond... For individuals; - You can sign up to Northumberland County Council's grant finder and tailor your search to receive email updates on funding. - Creative UK's growth programme -

Creative UK are very helpful over email - please consider reaching out. - If you're 'early career' check out Jerwood Arts Artists Funds - . You can sign up to NEWS directly from Jerwood Arts too -

- Arts Council's (ACE) Developing your Creative Practise. (DYCP) will open for round 17 in March 2023 -

This is ACE's most competitive fund so your application needs to be well thought out and strong. North East Cultural Freelancers have guidance to help too. The ACE guidance online is very comprehensive - you can download in various formats. - ACE project grants have no deadline - - Rural Design's Challenge Grant - NB sessions have started but please email the team as there may be space to accommodate you/ your idea.

- Rural Design Innovation Centre open grant. Up to £3k must be match funded and can’t be spent on your time or asset. It's good for feasibility studies, developing new products and services etc -

- Arc Stockton has an inspiring and concise statement on the way it works with freelance artists, makers and performers -

- You can request small amounts of funding for your projects directly from the Duke of Northumberland by emailing Northumberland Estates - try; emailing FAO Vanessa Proudlock.

- The Culture Bridge North East fund has just closed but you can stay in touch for further updates here -

If you are a small to medium organisation... If you don't have the funds for a professional fundraiser, you can look at writing applications yourself or request support in our facebook group from others who might have been successful.

If you're an individual, you might like to partner with an organisation to bring your idea to life. EG, you could parter with a CIC or constituted group or consider creating one.

- Community Foundation -

- Your individual town council eg if you are in Alnwick here's where you'd find information on requesting funding -

- Netflix documentary talent fund -

- Creative Lives send out a monthly newsletter and currently have an interesting call out for establishing Dance Networks. Info here -

Other initiatives to raise your profile/ stay connected/ sign up to; - Culture, Wellbeing Week in May - see our blog post here

- The Slow Ways network - this links to a call out which has now passed by.

I think it is still worth signing up to receive more updates from this brilliant scheme as there may be more funding opportunities and interesting project examples -

If you're interested in skills development and training you can check out our networks and training page. There are lots of opportunities for free skills development sessions, training and networking.

You might also enjoy this blog post I wrote sharing my enthusiasm for working with a marketing coach last year fully funded through Rural Business Growth Service.

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