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Interview with coach Sarah Raad ahead of a FREE programme available to creatives this Summer

Ahead of the Big Culture Northumberland Co-working Day next week I interviewed coach Sarah Raad who has delivered an 'in advance' workshop for us called 'Your Inner Mentor'.

I love the concept of creating an internal cheerleader and I think lots of us freelance folk really need that after the rollercoaster of a couple of years we've had.

Sarah and I also talk about her Journalling for Success programme which is a follow-up programme starting the week after the co-working day. Journalling for Success will allow us to uncover new ideas, blind spots and potential collaborations for applying to further funding including Creative UK's Challenge Fund which they launch next Wed 22 June at The Big Culture Northumberland Co-working Day.

NB you will need to use the link in the above blog post to register for Sarah's programme as she will email you the links directly.

For a ticket to the co-working day go here.

Please forward this post to a friend or colleague you think would like to hear about Sarah's work in partnership with Culture Northumberland this summer.

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