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Journaling For Success with Sarah Raad

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

As part of The Big Culture Northumberland Co-working Day we are delighted to offer a follow up programme with coach Sarah Raad. In this guest blog Sarah shares more about what to expect from 'Journalling for Success.'

Are you or do you sometimes feel stuck in a rut in your creative practice and business?

Would you like to give it a boost? And gain an injection of clarity and ideas?

How about a way to make decisions and notice unhelpful thoughts and behaviours, so that you can get out of your own way when creating work and developing your business?

Work with creative coach and mentor, Sarah Raad for two weeks to explore how journaling can help you to find a quiet place in a noisy world to explore your ideas, boost your creativity and grow your creative practice.

Working alone, creating work and running your own thing can feel like a lonely and vulnerable place at times - and on top of that, lurking in the shadows are all the fears, doubts and blocks that you inevitably have waiting to hijack you as you try to change and grow.

Journaling is an amazing way to spark and boost creativity to feed into your business ideas and activities.

It allows you to access your wise self and to bring forwards thoughts and options that you didn't know you had - as well as spotting and identifying all those barriers and blocks you are putting in your own way.

If you've never journaled before, or if you have but not with a specific focus on your creativity and business, or you've simply fallen out of love with your journaling practice, why not join Sarah for a two-week exploration of how journaling can help you find more clarity, creativity and success?

This mini programme includes;

  • The Journaling for success e-course, delivered via email over two weeks in bite sized chunks

  • Four online opportunities to join Sarah live for a 40 min co-journaling session to explore the different techniques and ask any questions you may have.

  • A downloadable e-guide to journaling to refer to time and again as you build your own journaling practice to help your creative practice.

The programme begins on Monday 27 June.

The (optional) live journaling sessions are:

  • Tuesday 28 June 9.30am

  • Thursday 30 June 9.30am

  • Wednesday 6 July 7.30pm

  • Friday 8 July 9.30am

Make sure you're signed up to receive the updates on the course from Sarah here.

Find out more about Sarah and her work at

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