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Cultivating Culture: Art, Ambitions, and Northumberland's Vibrant Pockets of Creativity

This week I caught up with Amble based artist Luke McTaggart for a piece of research and development work to better inform our future direction here at Culture Northumberland.

This is conversation 1 in a series of conversations that will be viewable and visible to you all this winter.

As you can tell I really enjoyed chatting with Luke, connecting to his practise, generosity and our insightful discussion.

We explore:

- The transformative power of community engagement

- The importance of centralised cultural communication

- The delicate balance between nurturing local talent and attracting a global audience

Here are the headlines of our conversation;

*The Art of Community*

Luke shares his inspiring story, from crafting "Horizons" at the Bailiffgate museum to igniting collaborative efforts for the Dovecott exhibition. Claire reflects on the community's unyielding support, underscoring the unity among local artists, theatre companies, town councils, and kind-hearted donors.

*Strategies for Visibility*

Learn about the challenge of selling art in a digital age, Claire's innovative approaches to weaving local culture into global narratives, and Luke's experiences with pivotal art organisations in the UK, setting the stage for artists to establish their presence in the international art scene.

*Cultural Connectivity*:

The duo delves into the potential of creating a cultural calendar for Northumberland, bridging the gap between dispersed artistic pockets, and ensuring that events and exhibitions resonate with both local communities and art buyers from afar.

Three Key Takeaways for Our Listeners:

**Strengthening Creative Ties**

Collaborative exhibitions can not only showcase an array of artistic talent but also fortify the bonds within artistic communities, paving the way for future cultural endeavours.

**Building a Central Hub**

The need for a centralised platform like Culture Northumberland is crucial to keep artists and art lovers informed, connected, and engaged with the county's vibrant art scene.

**Widening the Audience Circle**

Embracing social media and other promotional strategies is vital for reaching a diverse audience, including international art lovers who may become patrons of Northumberland's unique artistry.

Join Claire and Luke as they navigate the challenges and triumphs of fostering a thriving arts and culture scene in Northumberland.

Their experiences, insights, and aspirations are sure to ignite a spark of ambition and enthusiasm in you too.

🌐 Join the conversation on this and more our facebook group and let’s contribute to a flourishing arts legacy in Northumberland!

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