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Funding Opportunities for the Cultural, Creative and Heritage Sector in July

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Dear Creatives,

Welcome back to another blog post exploring the funding and sponsorship opportunities I've spotted on my online travels this month.

I separate the opportunities out for individuals and companies to make it clearer where you can apply.

It's a short blog this month as I'm busy sorting out THIS new online space for you all and creating a session for Tynedale Creatives on 14th July.

I held a competition over on my Substack last month and gifted some membership spaces. Everyone wrote to me and told me "I never win anything" - if everyone believed they wouldn't win anything no one would apply for anything - just a thought! Put yourself in the race or you definitely won't win! I had to leave over £3000 on the table with a funder this month as my project simply wasn't ready for next investments and the funding was closing at the end of June. It was hard but my point it there is (nearly) ALWAYS funding to be found...

This is the sixth blog in the series, some of the opportunities aren't time sensitive so please check out other posts and sign up to funder mailing lists that feel aligned with your work;

Happy fund hunting - let's make brilliant work!


Evergreen opportunities to increase your fundraising knowledge

  • Applying to Arts Council. Read their delivery plan and align your work with their goals.

  • This incredibly useful blog from Northumberland based professional fundraiser Katherine Williams. Katherine shares her knowledge from a long career in fundraising for culture and heritage and some top tips.

  • Are you signed up to Arts Professional updates for events and jobs? Well worth being on their mailing list.

  • Audio recording of our Arts Council's Developing your Creative Practise funding workshop attending by 20 participants. Leila at North East Cultural Freelancers and Claire at Culture Northumberland came together to answer questions, share notes on paying yourself properly and lots more about step change and ambition. Access it here for free. The next round of DYCP will open later this year.

  • Fundraising and sponsorship for your Creative project idea. I led this workshop for my creative community of artists, cics and ltd companies - If you are based in Northumberland, you are welcome to access it for free, please email if you'd like access.

  • How is your relationship with your local Town Council? Could you write to them about an idea you have to deliver activity in your town? Worth checking with individual towns how they would like to receive applications and whether they'll fund individuals.

  • Top Tips for match funding blog from Culture Northumberland

For individuals (writers, artists, creatives, makers)

For companies/ partnerships

  • Eat it up Fund. Looks interesting - there's a zoom meet for FAQs TODAY! Deadline for expressions of interest 21st of this month.

  • If you're a charity - Foyle Foundation have some grants you can apply to.

  • A nice round up here from Creative Money for arts funding - might be suitable for individuals too.

An update on Creative People and Places projects in the North (CPP) - make sure you're registered for artist commission opportunities where ever you'd like to travel.

A call out from an artist - let's make fundraising more accessible to visual artists.

  • Read Trina's blog and help her with her funding research that will help us all to raise more funding for our beautiful businesses and project work.

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