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Join November Club for a "Walk In Your Shoes".

Back by popular demand, the first of the Walk In Your Shoes with November club is taking place Saturday 13th May.

The first walk of 2023, is happening this month with a guided walk starting from Dod Law, just outside of Wooler.

“Everyone who comes on our walks tells us they have a great time. As well as a chance to keep fit and experience the wonders of Northumberland's countryside, our walkers love chatting to each other and finding out each others stories."

Joe Hufton, Artistic Director at November Club.

The walk is on Saturday 13th May from 10.30am with an approximate end time of 3pm.

"Standing on Dod Law and Doddington Moor, looking down on Wooler, you feel like you are on top of the world. On one side of the moor you glimpse the North Sea as the sun catches the breaking waves. On the other, is the perfect mountain-shaped Yeavering Bell. This ancient place has been lived on, worked on and loved by many people from many ages, and on this walk you will get to see some of what our ancestors left behind." The walk will be a 6 mile, circular hill-walk on marked footpaths. There will be a stop for lunch so don't forget to pack your sandwiches as well as plenty of water. At the end of the walk there is a plan to stop for tea and cake at Wooler Golf Club.

November Club walks are open to all ages and abilities, whilst being free to join in. A great way to get outdoors, meet new people, learn more about the area and enjoy some gentle exercise.

The walk will not be pushchair or wheelchair friendly. One of the team is trained to act as a sighted guide, you just need to contact them in advance.

While the walk is free, you will still need to register via the November Club website. You can also read the walking guide here.

What do the walkers say? "It's great getting off the beaten track, connecting with nature and with lots of new people, and hearing their stories."

A great way to discover perhaps a new part of Northumberland you haven't been to before or an excuse to get outdoors and embrace the spring months.

Why not find out more about the work the November Club are doing, by reading this previous blog post about the "Josey" podcast?

You can follow the November Club on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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