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Josey, The Indignant Daughter - the groundbreaking new audio musical created by November Club.

November Club proudly presents their new audio theatrical production: Josey, The Indignant Daughter. The piece combines music and narrative storytelling, written by singer-songwriter Katie Doherty, and features a community choir of women from across Northumberland.

Josey, The Indignant Daughter is a brand new audio musical inspired by Northumberland based heroine, social reformer and feminist: Josephine Butler.

Josephine Butler's story is at the centre of this audio musical written by award winning singer - songwriter Katie Doherty. Following a series of workshops with women across Northumberland, where the discussion was around women's rights and activism in today's society, Katie has created this brand-new dramatic piece.

"Josey", directed by Joe Hufton, explores how prominent women like Josephine Butler have been written out of history and how the campaigns they led are still relevant.

Exploring gender equality and female activism, the audio production, which you can listen to for FREE, features a community choir of women from across Northumberland as well as young women from local schools: Cramlington Learning Village and Duke’s Academy in Ashington.

Pupils from Dukes Academy, Ashington, whose voices are in Josey.

Women from the community choir.

The podcast is FREE to download and is available on all streaming sites.

"It has been a great rollercoaster of emotion working on this piece and this is only the beginning. From discovering for myself the extent of the incredible work that Josephine Butler did through her activism to talking to women of all ages about her and about what it means and what it takes to be a Female Activist in todays world.
I have been fuelled, I have been frustrated, I have been very sad and I have been filled with hope - sometimes all in within the same hour! I guess the thing to stress is that there is just too much to say, so what we have here is the start of something more vital than I think I even realised when I began." ~ Katie Doherty.

The musical is an innovative example of how it is possible to create new digitally-focused cultural work within areas of the UK that are typically ‘digitally deprived’. While November Club has a history of producing live musical work, Josey marks the first time that it will produce a ‘Digital Audio Musical’ in recognition of the potential of digital distribution to reach new audiences.

The production is being created with digital support agency The Space, whose Executive Producer Harmeet Chagger-Khan, is mentoring and supporting the November Club team throughout production and delivery of its work.

November Club are now trying to raise money for the next phase of the project by asking audiences to support their £1000 for 1000 listens.The aim is to have 1,000 people listen to Josey and raise £1,000 to support the next phase. That's £1 per listen!

November Club is an award-winning, multi-artform performing arts company based in Northumberland. Working in unconventional places, regionally and nationally, they tell unexpected theatrical stories which weave together historical and contemporary themes. Each production is made in collaboration with local people, with the aim of bringing communities together, to create memorable shared experiences.

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