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Calling all artists and creatives for Hadrian's Wall 1900 - 2022 Year Long Event!


What is Hadrian’s Wall 1900?

Hadrian’s Wall 1900 is a year-long Festival throughout 2022 celebrating the 1900th

anniversary of the beginning of the construction of Hadrian’s Wall

Who is organising Hadrian’s Wall 1900?

The Festival will be made up of activity presented by local societies, interest groups

community organisations, arts organisations, local creatives, local authorities, visitor

attractions, venues, and individuals.

It is being coordinated by the Hadrian’s Wall Partnership in collaboration with local

organisations, communities and individuals. The Hadrian’s Wall Partnership is a voluntary body made up of organisations responsible for the UNESCO World Heritage Site status of Hadrian’s Wall

How do I get involved?

Inclusion in the Festival is open to anyone that wishes to celebrate the creation of the

World Heritage Site in whichever way they would like.

We are calling on communities, businesses and organisations to present events and

activity as part of the Festival programme.

Find out more and get involved here!

Criteria for events activity to be included in Hadrian’s Wall 1900:

  • To take place between Hadrian’s birthday (24 Jan) and the Festival of Saturnalia (23 Dec) 2022

  • To take place within 10 miles of the World Heritage Site

  • Have appropriate reference to the anniversary and 1900 years of history of Hadrian’s Wall

  • Be suitable for family audiences

  • Consider promoting diversity and inclusion to engage new audiences and visitors

  • Consider accessibility

  • Consider sustainable event delivery

  • Be self funded and organised

When you have an idea of an event or activity that meets the criteria please register it here. Ideas don’t have to be fully formed at this stage.

This will enable the Festival team to contact you and support you with:

  • Regular newsletters

  • Free workshops and sharing sessions

  • Funding toolkits

  • Event management, Sustainability and Marketing toolkits

  • The support of an Engagement Coordinator

  • When your event is confirmed, funded and ready to list we will publicise it alongside the other Festival activity

For questions please contact

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