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The Dovecote Street Show - An exhibition of paintings, printmaking, photography and sculpture.

The Dovecote Street Show is a survey exhibition of contemporary art, which is taking place in the centre of Amble.

Comprising of work from fifty painters, printmakers, photographers and sculptors the exhibition will give a wide overview of the work being made both in the immediate area and across the wider North East.

The show will take place from May 8th-May 28th 2023, open each day from 10am-4pm.

The Dovecote Street show is being organised by Luke McTaggart and Amble Photographer and NTC Trustee Jim Donnelly.

They are conducting the project in partnership with the Northumberland Theatre Company who are allowing them usage of a 42m2 space inside the Dovecote Centre Building, that they own and operate.

The show is also being supported by the Amble Town Council who have issued a grant to cover the cost of exhibition panels. Fifty painters, printmakers, photographers and sculptors from across Northumberland and the wider North East, have been contacted asking them to contribute to the show.

Amble has never had a large-scale exhibition of contemporary art and this comes at an exciting point in the towns development. There are also plans to develop the usage of the space for exhibitions and subsequently widen the offering of the Dovecote Centre.

What's in a name?

The name, the ‘Dovecote Street Show’, draws on the Ninth Street Show. Taking place in 1951 it marked the inaugural exhibition showcasing the Abstract Expressionist movement and moved the centre of gravity in the art world from Paris to New York. Organisers of the show are hoping to create a similar buzz about art in Amble and set the stage for future exhibitions and events of this kind.

The Dovecot Centre is set in a former school and is located on Dovecote Street in the centre of Amble. Full address is: Dovecote Centre, Dovecote St, Amble NE65 0DX

Reminder: the show will take place from May 8th-May 28th 2023, open each day from 10am-4pm.

The 3-week run time during the beginning of peak tourist season in the town will hopefully give the chance for the show to be exposed to a wide range of visitors. The final weekend of the show takes place in coincidence with the Amble Puffin Festival which sees a large number of visitors coming into the town.

For further information, you can contact Luke MacTaggart via email:

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Norma Arthur
Norma Arthur
25 abr 2023

Looking forward to it!

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