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'Stairwall - the things we climb' by Esther Huss

Esther Huss is a Contemporary Dance Artist with 17 years of experience. Originally born in a small village in the Black Forest, Germany, Esther trained in London, and has lived in the UK for the past 21 years.

Since moving to the North East in 2019, Esther has focused on making multidisciplinary work, in particular bringing together dance, visual arts and music.

She is interested in examining how separate art forms can converge to illuminate truth and story. Esther takes inspiration from the local communities she lives in, and always keep this thread running through her work, both in content, and involvement.

She carefully curates a space in order to tell human stories that link the personal to the collective. Esther’s work is influenced by her study of Butoh and her personal heritage of pre and post war German dadaism and expressionism. Her latest work ‘Stairwall - the things we climb’ is an explorative work made within the historic surroundings of the Cambois Miners Welfare Institute. It is a meeting of three different artists ready to transform a performance space and immerse themselves into themes that relate to its surrounding community.

If you have time and would like to watch a film of the 'Stairwall' performance it's here...

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