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November Club re-imagines 2020 performance as a new collection of audio tales to listen to at home

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Acclaimed Northumberland-based performing arts company November Club has released a new collection of audio stories inspired by traditional fairy tales and drawing on the rich heritage, landscape and people of Northumberland.

Lost Found and Told: New Audio Tales for Northumberland is a collection of seven original short stories written by Fiona Ellis, set in the border county of Northumberland.

Originally due to be a touring production, the stories have been transformed into audio tales featuring original music and narration by Janine Birkett, Phil Corbitt, Zoe Lambert and Jane Wade. The stories can be downloaded via Bandcamp for £10 Inc VAT: the first track is free.

Fiona said: “I hope that if you love Northumberland as I do you will find threads of the place running through these stories. There are themes and features of the county that are less familiar to the brief visitor but that are lodged deep in the character of the land and its people; they are the elements I tried to show in these stories. They are lifted off the page and into the imagination by the wonderful work of director, Cinzia Hardy, composer Katie Doherty, the cast of actors and the stitch-meister, sound artist, Matthew Tuckey.”

With original music composed by Katie Doherty and traditional tunes woven throughout, Lost Found and Told are tales of losing and finding, of courage - the false and the true kinds, of love and kindness in unexpected places, and of the strength and resilience of Northumberland.

The collection of stories will appeal to adults and children age 8 plus, but younger children will also enjoy listening. Each tale lasts approximately 10 minutes, making them great for bedtime stories, or as the nights draw in, listening as a family.

Listeners will be transported to the landscape that inspired the tales and the characters they will encounter.

Lost Found and Told is the last production that Cinzia Hardy will make as artistic director for November Club.

Cinzia said: "Lost, Found and Told was to have been a live performance, touring to village halls across Northumberland this autumn. A year ago, who would have thought that I would be re-imagining Fiona Ellis's beautiful stories for an audio production. I am immensely proud of the finished piece.

It weaves original music by Katie Doherty throughout some glorious storytelling by an outstanding cast. It is both soulful, funny and full of unexpected turns. It is about the beautiful county of Northumberland and as my last production for November Club, it is a true homage to its landscape and the resilient people who live here. I am an outsider - from Ireland - and I am so proud to be an 'honorary' Northumberlander!".

Lost Found Told: New Audio Tales for Northumberland is available to buy as a digital collection from Friday 6 November. The collection costs £10 and is available on the music streaming platform Bandcamp. For more information and to buy the collection of audio tales visit:

Lost Found Told: New Audio Tales for Northumberland has been created by:

Writer: Fiona Ellis Composer: Katie Doherty Director: Cinzia Hardy Sound Designer: Matthew Tuckey Assistant Sound Designer: Corrie Livesey Production Manager: Simon Henderson Graphics: Hannah Fox

Narrators: Janine Birkett, Phil Corbitt, Zoe Lambert, Jane Wade


Jane Wade sings She is Ella Smith sings The Boy in the Tower Khalil Abdulrahman (Tambur in Kindness to Strangers) Lawrence Neale (Drums and Bodhran in Kindness to Strangers) Andy May (Northumbrian Pipes in She is)

Recorded at The Old Church Studio, Thropton

She is and The Boy in the Tower: Original songs composed by Katie Doherty PRS/MCPS and supported by the PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund for Organisations

Greenland Whale Fishery Trad. Arr. By The Company Felton Lonnen Trad. Arr. By The Company The Collier’s Rant Trad. Arr. By The Company Traditional Kurdish melodies arranged by Khalil Abdulrahman

A special thanks to Adam Forster (The Old Church Studio, Thropton) and Amanda Drago (Green Croft on the Wall) for their help during the recording process.

Lost Found and Told: New Audio Tales for Northumberland is supported by Arts Council England, Northumberland County Council, Great Northumberland 2020, Discover our Land, Blyth Town Council, The Joicey Trust, The Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust and PRS Foundation's The Open Fund for Organisations.

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