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'If not now then when - diversifying income in the cultural sector' - follow up notes/ recording

On 10th Feb Culture Northumberland hosted an online event with three Northumberland based creatives who have shifted and changed their practise in the last couple of years.

The pandemic gave them new ways to think about how they could use their skillsets and add value to the world.

We invited Beth Wardell (freelance content creator), Danielle Slade (playwright) and Yvette Ja (visual artist) to share their expertise and answer questions from folks live in chat.

We recorded the zoom conversation here;

If you would like a transcript of the conversation, please let me know by emailing me

Common questions and themes were around;

  • Charging our worth as freelance creatives (and knowing it in the first place).

  • Tech and 'how tos'

  • Working with other professionals and collaborating

  • Marketing/ advertising/ selling/ reminding people we have things for sale.

  • Building, engaging and listening to an online audience. Thinking about how you add value.

  • Health and wellbeing and pace of working

From the participants

"I’m looking for ways to sustain myself while continuing my practice :)

"I’m a bit tired and frustrated with the way I have been working so looking for ways to diversify and find a bit more joy and sustainability."

"I’ve moved online since pandemic and run creative therapeutic workshops for women and want to think of how to grow and diversify."

"I have changed my practise considerably during pandemic and am in the process of developing outdoor creative arts projects for young people for regional communities. Currently working on a project called Wilding Theatre and hoping to put together a collaborative book as part of the project which is going into Primary schools. Never made a book before so I am curious as to how to start!"

"I've finally recently joined on Instagram but just finding my way with that still."


Q - where do you use/make your pre recorded videos? Is it something like podia? or your own socials etc?

A - I make my videos on my Iphone (gasp!) I used VLLO to edit and to subtitle everything. Then use a platform called Thinkific who host my content which is linked to Shopify who host my website. I know. I thought after a while I should upgrade to a proper set up but honestly you don’t need to. I use an overarm tripod and some studio lights and that’s it.

Q - Would you recommend a specific facebook ad online course?

A - Amanda Perry is great.

TIP - Claire Venus - Culture Northumberland : Press release tip - who, what, where, why, when… are you answering these questions, are you sharing this on your social media/ website?

Links from session

Contact Claire; Claire Venus -

Contact Leila; Leila D’Aronville -

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