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Culture Here and Now - Dance Artist Esther Huss in Cambois with her project 'Stairwall'

Northumberland based dance artist Esther Huss sent us some beautiful images by photographer Luke Waddington and audience/ participant quotes from her recent work in Cambois, Northumberland.

Esther told us; 'Stairwall - the things we climb’ is an explorative work examining how the three disciplines of dance, visual arts, and music can come together to approach a theme.

Made within the historic surroundings of Cambois Miners Welfare Institute this is a meeting of three different artists ready to transform a performance space and take an audience on an adventurous journey of imagination, resonance, and virtue.

Abstract and absurd but always accessible this piece seeks to investigate what, when and why we climb, and how this resonates with each individual on a human level. I created this work with Visual Artist - Claudia Sacher and Sound artist and composer - Jeremy Bradfield

On this multi- disciplinary performance, audiences shared some wonderfully positive feedback;

  • I liked the amazing combination of artistic elements

  • I liked how it related to the environment and community

  • I liked everything about it!!

  • I liked how music, motion and visual art were interlinked so well

It resonated with me. To me you were all collectively exploring different emotions and life experiences. Thank you!
  • ( I liked)….Everything – from start to finish – magic!

  • I liked the welcome, the good attendance and the atmosphere

  • Everyone should get along to the Cambois Institute and enjoy watching some real talent

I was very moved (to tears) and felt deeply connected with the story. A privilege!

I enjoyed the performance today. It was very thought provoking. I journeyed from the sea to the river, to the goods arriving, the fun fair, which would probably have come to a town or village once a year for the working people who would enjoy especially candy floss. Then I travelled to the beach and sea and sailing. The mines and railway, which along with the river was such an important part of this area transporting coal and other goods. Always striving, climbing, stepping out.
I am so pleased that you are bringing your vision and inspiration to the area.

You can read more about Esther and her work here.

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