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Culture and Climate Change Day - Feedback and Graphic Recording by Daniel Weatheritt

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

“Thank you and I hope the organisers and contributors felt as enthused and energised as we attendees did!”

As part of the Culture and Climate Change Day in July, Morpeth based illustrator and artist Daniel Weatheritt was commissioned to make an art work, a graphic recording of his creative capture of the day.

Daniel has whimsically captured the speakers, the conversation, the important points from our conversation on culture's role in climate change in this art work.

We have shared as a whole and in parts so you can see the beautiful detail below...

Thanks to Daniel and to all of the organisers, speakers and participants who made the event the success it was back in July.

More information on what we plan to take forward from the day will follow.

Feedback from the day...

There were some negative comments about the day in our feedback form but I've chosen to share the positive comments with you here for three reasons;

  • Not one person came to speak to me or anyone else in the team (as far as I'm aware) about anything negative on the day so I wasn't in a position to have a conversation to better understand their point of view.

  • Climate Change work takes energy and focus and we were very considered about resources on the day, in the lead up to the day and in the content of the presentations and sessions. Alnwick Garden proved to be an inspiring backdrop and yes we can all do more towards climate change - events like this galvanise our path.

  • The negative comments received in the feedback form would have been better placed in a collaborative letter to an MP. We have to come together to shift the narrative, we have to lift each other up, share best practise and stop 'nit picking' because it is quite simply a waste of energy and precious energy is what we need most here!


  • “It was a fantastic day: so engaging and memorable.”

  • “Thank you and I hope the organisers and contributors felt as enthused and energised as we attendees did!”

  • “really enjoyed hearing the Alnwick Garden 'journey' to address their own carbon footprint.”

  • “she (the keynote speaker) was highly articulate and knowledgeable.”

  • “Alnwick Gardens would be inspirational for a stand alone session on the Net zero target and a broader guided site tour explaining his role.”

  • “The session was very well put together”

  • “Thank you for a very inspiring day.”

  • “I enjoyed the combination of practical and creative sessions. I thought the timings and structure of the day worked really well and I appreciated the opportunity for informal networking over lunch and the tours of The Garden. Many thanks”

  • “The morning was very well chaired by Claire Malcom”

  • “It was a wonderful day”


The venue is a firm favourite with many commenting how lovely, beautiful, and well suited to a conference it was. A few people have suggested that the venue was problematic from a public transport perspective which we will take on board for planning future events publishing more detailed information on public transport and encouraging car sharing. Northumberland is not well served by public transport but travel on public transport is possible. When we choose to live and work here our pace of life is slower. We don't expect to be able to get buses regularly or trains to be frequent. It's impossible to book taxis where I live but I accept it and the work-arounds.

  • “Well suited for the conference topic”

  • “Always a lovely venue”

  • “The venue and setting was beautiful. It was a friendly, inspiring spot for an event like that.”

  • “It's a lovely space.”


  • “The food was thoughtful and excellent.”

  • “I was grateful for provision of lunch and pleased/fully supportive of vegan food.”

If you are working on a project that considers climate change please do let us know so we can invite you to write a guest blog here at Culture Northumberland. I would personally be pleased to receive any further feedback via email on your work as an individual or an organisation towards shifting the cultural sector into Climate Hope.

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