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Challenge Fund Catch Up - Claire Venus

As an engagement consultant and a creative producer, I'm always fascinated with new technology and new ways to experiment with connecting with our participants and audiences. I've been building a social media audience for my work and projects on instagram for a few years now and have found lots of new connections there.

I'm delighted to have received funding through Creative UK's Challenge Fund via North of the Tyne Combined Authority to deliver a research and development project centred around 360 video as a technology.

I have a survey out in the world to gather opinions. I'm particularly interested in opinions from people working in the cultural sector and have a special interest in diving deeper into opinions on whether 360 video might plug a gap for children or adults who identify as neurodivergent or those who have a chronic health condition.

You can fill it in here (it just takes 5 minutes) and I've been blogging a series of updates about how the project has been going.

As always I'm fascinated in giving space to the research and development process and I'm very keen to share and learn more. Thanks go to Creative UK for the funding and to Jason Thompson for mentoring me.

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