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Calling on North East based Cultural Freelancers!

Creative UK want your support and help to inform their plans.

Redesigning Freelancing is a UK-wide, Creative Industries-wide initiative which will empower organisations and freelancers working across the creative economy to create a more sustainable future for our growing freelance workforce.

To start this process, Creative UK have launched a major UK-wide consultation to identify the key challenges and barriers that creative freelancers face in the workplace and the priorities for action for the freelance workforce and for organisations employing them.

They will use this consultation to design a Freelance Framework, a one-stop shop of online content designed to support freelancers and organisations to find practical information and implement best practice in commissioning and supporting freelancers as well as signposting to other websites and organisations. Alongside information and best practice, the Framework will include a charter which will set out our vision for minimum standards on working conditions and recruitment practice.

The survey will remain live until 9th January.

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