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Arts Council's National Portfolio Organisations 2023-26- Northumberland

Arts Council have released their National Portfolio Organisation list and we wanted to congratulate and share the Northumberland based organisations.

The ACE NPO investment programmes starts in 2023 and runs until 2026.

Huge congratulations to;

Here is the list of awards for Northumberland based organisations and their location in the county;

New to the portfolio, Mortal Fools said;

We are thrilled that we’ve been added to Arts Council England Portfolio. This is an investment in us as a growing org when our growing beneficiaries need us most and an investment in children and young people in the Northeast and beyond.

November Club's artistic director Joe Hufton said;

"This funding will allow us to increase our reach in Northumberland and work with even more communities, organisations and individuals. It will enable us to change the way we work with the freelancers and better support theatre making in Northumberland as we put co-created work at the core of our programme. We are thrilled to be included amongst others from the broader North East who were successful in this funding round, whilst also recognising that the news is difficult for many organisations. We acknowledge that excellence stretches beyond just NPO status. We look forward to the next three years and making an increased impact in our brilliant part of the world."

It's good news for the wider North East too and we look forward to hearing more about how the organisations will work. Here is the full list of NPO awards in England.

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