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Artist Spotlight - Dance Company - Meta4 Dance

About Us

We are a contemporary dance company based in Guyzance, Northumberland. We are made up of Lily - artistic director - who grew up here, and Charlie - managing director - who moved up with Lily from London in 2020. We have been set up for nearly 4 years now, 2 of which were during Covid, so we are keen to meet and collaborate with other North East Creatives in the area.

Meta4 is very community driven, we love to create new works that can be taken to rural communities in Northumberland.

Our Latest Project

Our latest project is a research and development project where we will R&D the existing solo of ‘Confluence’ into a group piece with 5 dancers. The piece looks at our relationship with nature, good or bad, and how it has changed over the past 2 years. We look at the constant movement of nature compared to the stop start of humanity.

During the 3 weeks of R&D, we have 2 free workshops and 2 sharings.

Firstly, we have a free workshop and sharing in Acklington Village Hall on 15th April, and then a free workshop and a sharing which is pay what you feel at Gosforth Civic Theatre on 22nd April.

The piece is being created to share a universal connection with nature across Northumberland in small rural villages and towns, to bring high quality dance not so far away from home.

Aims for our work

We have 2 main aims at Meta4.

We create dance work and opportunities for people who experience rural isolation and/or for people with learning disabilities.

We are extremely keen on making contemporary dance accessible, be that in terms of disability or geographical location, and give everyone the opportunity to experience dance and decide themselves whether they enjoy it.

Connect with us...

We have a website -

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn - @meta4dance

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