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Workshop Recording and Follow-up - Looking after our wellbeing as creatives in 2023

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

This is a blog in two parts.

A pre-recording of the planned session and a follow up of themes and conversation from the session.

I ran 'Looking after our wellbeing as Creatives' as a reflection session for cultural freelancers. Thanks to Northumberland County Council, North East Cultural Freelancers for funding time for us to meet together and Alnwick Playhouse for hosting.

Part One

Ahead of running a workshop called 'Looking after our wellbeing in 2023' for North East Cultural Freelancers, I recorded a whistle stop tour through the exercises incase anyone wants to access those in real time but from home tomorrow or in the future.

It's not a replacement for an 'in person' experience but hopefully it helps you to connect to the themes and weave your own answers to some big questions whilst feeling held by me and the other participants.

You can watch and pause the recording to join in with the written exercises here

You don't need much to get started, just bring along paper, a pen, your diary and something lovely to drink.

Any questions or comments please email me here -



PS - The download for the 2023 calendar printable if you'd like to use it is here. (Mentioned in the video)

Wall Cal - 2023
Download PDF • 1.34MB

Part Two

Follow up from in person workshop

The workshop was attended by 6 freelancers in person and 2 on zoom. We followed our agenda and I facilitated conversations around;

  1. Worries and wobbles

  2. A 2022 reflection

  3. Goals/ aspirations for 2023

  4. Weaving wellbeing into our practise long term

  5. Accountability and follow up

Our shared 'Worries and Wobbles' right here and now looking forward at the year ahead...

  • Making "enough" money

  • Cost of living crisis

  • Waiting on 'the system'/ rate of incoming work

  • Paying the bills

  • Community

  • Studio/ space to work

  • Time for reflection, rest and play

  • Setting boundaries and working within them

  • Sustainability

  • Replies to emails

  • Uncertain leadership in organisations

  • Dwindling creativity

  • Isolation/ rural living

  • Transport

A 2022 reflection

  • We spoke about what we are proud of in our own individual projects and work

  • Successful funding bids

  • Diversifying income/ roles

  • Good clients

  • Increased rates

  • Shortlisted for awards

  • Collaboration

  • Down time

  • First 70,000 print run

  • Shortlisted for awards

Goals and aspirations for 2023

  • Big studio spaces to use

  • Monthly co-working (Hexham, SE N'land, Alnwick and Berwick)

  • Earning enough

  • Drilling down on boundaries

  • Time to develop new work

  • Income security

  • Passive income

  • Work/ life balance

  • Less resentment

  • Top up inspiration

  • Build up 'well paying' clients

  • Visibility

  • A studio in a creative community

  • Feeling supported by NE Cultural Freelancers and ACE to lobby for change within working culture

  • Working less

Weaving wellbeing into our practise long term

  • Looking after money - ie charging enough to live/ more than enough to sustain ourselves including paying for pension, saving for tax, investing in down time.

  • Monthly massages

  • Connection

  • Using space together

  • Continued conversation

Accountability and follow up

  • The group want more 'in person' meets and a space to share the ups and downs of freelance life that feels like an honest community.

Watch this space for the next network meeting date and content plan!

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