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Northumberland Audience Survey for Culture 2021

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

In follow up to last week's blog, this week, I caught up with Marketing and PR manager Kathryn Row.

In her role with Morpeth based November Club, Kathryn is leading on an information gathering project focussed on learning more about audiences in Northumberland.

Kathryn explained that 8 Northumberland based organisations had come together to share resource on the work. The organisations are;

· November Club

· Museums Northumberland

· Mortal Fools

· Queens Hall Arts

· Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival

· Headway Arts

· The Alnwick Garden

· The Maltings Berwick

We have been meeting to discuss what we want to find out about potential/future audiences, how we could share information about existing audiences and what information already exists in the county. We all have a strong desire to know more about who our future audiences could be.

What's the priority?

Our priority is to analyse future audiences, but we recognise that some investigation of existing audiences might be necessary to achieve this.

We would like the analysis completed before we submit National Portfolio Organisation applications in January 2022.

What data do you really need and why?

There are some key elements we would like to establish from this research.

These include:

1. Are cultural habits are changing. E.g. Are people viewing cultural offers differently? Are they happy to travel, or would they rather stay closer to home? What would they like to see/do? When places open fully will people travel? Do we need to consider what time to programme activities?

2. With what frequency do audiences engage in cultural work?

3. The perception of digital work and what audiences engage with. Whether digital is used as a gateway to new audiences and live work.

4. Rural audiences and how they engage with live work. Can digital work in rural Northumberland? How do we connect with rural audiences? Do they want to connect with culture?

5. What benefits do audiences receive from culture?

6. How can we access more deprived areas of the county and engage with those audiences?

7. How does the sense of place operate in Northumberland? Is there a Northumberland audience, or do audiences relate more to their local areas?

8. We would also like to consider our work with young people in the county and how we communicate with them through their gatekeepers such as through parents, carers, teachers, youth leaders.

9. How audiences want to be communicated with, through social media, through print media?

10. Where audiences look to find out information on cultural events.

It sounds like a fascinating piece of work and we're really looking forward to seeing the survey and results. CLICK HERE TO HAVE YOUR SAY BEFORE 28 OCT 2021

If you would like more information on the project please email

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