Story Space

Step into Hexham Book Festival's Story Space and experience magical new worlds and exciting adventures. Look around and you'll find fabulous authors and familiar faces reading super stories from brilliant books. 

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The Crafts Council will work to broaden the reach of the Pledge to the craft community, to engage more makers in the initiative, and provide support..

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Up to £1 billion income losses face Arts Council England NPOs

The £90m emergency fund earmarked to support ACE’s National Portfolio Organisations and Creative People and Places consortia is no more than a drop in the...

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Does Culture Matter?

We think so. How much it matters will be determined as we all navigate COVID-19 this year.

This life-altering global crisis is already having devastating impacts on many of us. During something so huge and unfathomable, we asked ourselves "how can we be useful?"

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Rural touring could offer the quickest route out of lockdown

While the theatre sector is pondering when it might reopen, how it might do so, and the challenge of enticing theatregoers back into buildings that were never designed with social distancing in mind, one small solution might be right under its nose. Visit page

The Social Distance Art Project

COVID-19 has seen an end to our studio-based study and the looming fear of the cancellation of our Degree Show is nothing short of heart breaking for creative students like us. We a small group of final year students hoping to give others who have found themselves...

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Mortal Fools COVID-19 Response

Supporting us during an uncertain time:

Mortal Fools have made 6 clear promises about how we’re going to continue our mission to use theatre and drama to support our beneficiaries and help build positive connections.

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